White Dry

Tsolikouri – 2019

Tsolikouri from Askaneli is a fiesta of cheerful Imeretian notes. The wine is made from the white grape of the same name from the company’s vineyards in Western Georgia. This classic wine, the brainchild of our company, is filled with all the charisma of the climatic and traditional characteristics of the region. Tsolikouri, being in great demand among lovers of light, highly acidic wines, conveys the charm of Imeretian sketches with all its brilliance.

The date of harvest is carefully planned, and then there is an active selection of mature and high-quality bunches. Thanks to the synthesis of the technological process characteristic of the Tsolikauri variety and international experience, we were able to create a perfectly balanced wine saturated with rich aromas.

This light lemon wine is full of the aromas of white cherry, pear, white fig, and dried herbs. It is adorned with a magnificent balance of high acidity, light body, and moderate velvety finish


White Dry

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6 months in bottle