White Dry

Kisi – 2019

Dry white wine Kisi from Askaneli from a white grape variety of the same name, harvested in the vineyards of Kakheti, fascinates with its incomparable properties and is very popular among lovers of quiet white and exotic wines.

From the very beginning, we scrupulously take care of our vineyards of Kisi in the village of Maghraani, Akhmeta municipality. Special attention is paid to the selection of the best bunches of grapes during the harvest that are, in the traditional spirit, handpicked. To avoid damaging them, they are transferred to the winery in special boxes. The whole process of vinification takes place under the close supervision of our chief winemaker.

This luxurious light lemon wine with its subtle aromas of green apple, green pear, apricot, and meadow flowers vividly conveys the Kakhetian spirit. Medium crispy acidity blends harmoniously with the light body, and the medium velvety finish makes the wine even more intriguing.


White Dry

Grape Varieties:





6 months in bottle