Where Can I Buy Askaneli Wine?

All of our locations that carry Askaneli wine can be found under the “Where to buy” tab. We are constantly expanding to new locations and will be regularly updating our product map.

Can I Order Askaneli Wine Online?

We are currently working on establishing a relationship with an online retailer that will allow us to ship all over the United States.

What is a Qvevri?

A Qvevri is a large clay vessel where wine is made, stored, and aged. A qvevri is similar to a Spanish “tinaja” or a Roman “amphora”, with the major difference being that a Qvevri is buried underground completely. 

How is Qvevri Wine Made?

Qvevri wine is a type of Georgian wine that is made using traditional methods that have been passed down for 8,000 years. It is made by fermenting grape juice in large clay vessels called “qvevri,” which are then buried underground.

Here’s the process in more detail:

  1. Grapes are harvested and crushed to extract the juice.
  2. The juice, along with the skins, seeds, and stems, is placed into the qvevri.
  3. The qvevri is then sealed and buried underground, where it will remain for several months while the wine ferments.
  4. During this time, the wine undergoes a process called “maceration,” during which the juice is in contact with the grape solids, extracting tannins, color, and flavor compounds.
  5. After several months, the wine is ready to be bottled. It is then typically left to age for a period of time before it is ready to be consumed.

This traditional method of wine production is unique to Georgia and has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

What does Qvevri wine taste like?

Qvevri wine is often described as having a rustic, earthy flavor profile with hints of savory herbs and spices. It can also have ripe fruit flavors, such as plums or cherries, and a slightly tannic finish. Some wine experts have noted that Qvevri wine has a distinct “mineral” character, reminiscent of stones or slate. Overall, it is a full-bodied wine with a unique taste and texture that is often appreciated by those who enjoy more traditional wine styles.