Red Dry

Saperavi Qvevri – 2019

Saperavi Qvevri from Askaneli is red wine from the legendary grape variety of the same name, prepared in an earthen vessel – qvevri – according to traditional Georgian technology. This wine brilliantly conveys the main merits of this unique grape, its divine power and light energy, creating a diversity of aromas, rich tannins, higher acidity, full body and prolonged velvety finish.

Our staff takes great care of the Saperavi vineyards. The harvest time is carefully chosen and mature and healthy bunches are selected, all under the supervision of our chief winemaker. Thanks to the successful combination of international best practices and technology of wine production in qvevri, it has become possible to create the wine that is perfectly balanced and rich in aromas.

This intense dark ruby wine is adorned with sophisticated aromas of blackberry, black pepper, and sour cherry. The beauty of the wine is especially emphasized by its impeccable balance of higher acidity, full body, and prolonged velvety finish.


Red Dry

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6 months in qvevri, 6 months in bottles