Red Dry

Saperavi Premium – 2019

Saperavi Premium is made from the legendary Saperavi grapes harvested in the vineyards of Kakheti. The intense and powerful aroma and graceful, irresistible notes, give this wine from Askaneli luxury and sensuality, gaining particular popularity among lovers and connoisseurs of premium wines.

To create this rare wine, green harvesting is done in the Saperavi vineyards in summer and a little later, the best bunches are selected. The entire wine-making process is under the close supervision of our chief winemaker. After the final stage – aging in oak barrels, the wine is saturated with a delicate balance and oak notes, in harmony with intense fruity aromas.

The rich range of colors and shades of this dark ruby wine is subtly emphasized by powerful aromas of black plum, blackberry, black pepper, and oak combined with crispy acidity, full body, and rich tannins. A bright, dense body and a juicy pro- longed velvety finish convey all the power of the energy of the sun collected by the grapes on hot summer days.


Red Dry

Grape Varieties:





12 months in oak barrels