Red Dry

Saperavi – 2019

Saperavi by Askaneli is a classic red wine made from the legendary grape variety of the same name. The wineries of our company provide ideal conditions for the creation of this powerful, noble and energetic wine. Thick skin, unique harmony of rich fruity and spicy aromas, tannins, and acidity of grapes are the main criteria that are used to create the best Saperavi with long aging potential.
Ideal tasting qualities make Saperavi by Askaneli exceptional. This uniqueness of the wine is the result of our special attitude towards the Saperavi variety and the attention paid to the complex technological processes of vinification.

This dark ruby wine is endowed with a noble balance of blackberry, black pepper, and sour cherry aromas. The rainbow of the notes is crowned by refreshing acidity, rich tannins, and a medium velvety finish.


Red Dry

Grape Varieties:



Askaneli vineyards, Kvareli, Kakheti region Aging: 6 months in bottle